Kenneth Wang Biography

Kenneth Wang, Vera Wangs Brother

Kenneth Wang Vera Wang's brother, or most use the term Kenny Wang brother of Vera was born in 1955, he was a New Zealand politician and businessman, and a member of the ACT New Zealand party. The principal object of the ACT Party is to promote an open, progressive and benevolent society in which New Zealanders are free to achieve their full potential.

To this end the ACT Party uphold these principles: that individuals are the rightful owners of their own lives and therefore have inherent rights and responsibilities; and that the proper purpose of government is to protect such rights and not to assume such responsibilities.He entered Parliament to replace Donna Awatere Huata, who was expelled from Parliament on 19 November 2004.

Wang was sworn in on 30 November 2004. Wang was born in China, and has three siblings. He arrived in New Zealand in 1984 and is married with two children. Wang worked in the marketing and advertising sector in Auckland. He was New Zealand's second Chinese MP with the first being Pansy Wong. At the 2005 elections Wang contested the seat of Mt Roskill, and was seventh on ACT's party list. However, he was not returned to Parliament. In the 2008 general election he stood unsuccessfully in the Electorate of Botany for the ACT New Zealand Party. Check out celebrity news.

National candidate Pansy Wong filed a complaint to the electoral commission about Wang's billboards which exhorted "Vote for Wang", get Wang and Wong, because Pansy Wong's high rank on the National Party List assured her of a seat in parliament. Kenneth Wang is a staunchly proud New Zealander whose biography is a unique story of sacrifice migration, journey, and an ironclad work ethic. Kenneth is proud to continue a tradition of settlement and contribution, a legacy of illustrious energy that has been at work in New Zealand since the 1830’s.

Kenneth came to New Zealand in 1986, graduated from Auckland University with a Masters Degree in fine Arts in 1988 and began working in the field of graphic design and advertising. Kenneth is now the owner and founder of Newmarket advertising and media agency Brandworks, which he started from his bedroom in his Mt. Roskill residence fifteen years ago. He has been the president of the New Zealand association of Asian-owned small businesses, a founding member of the Chinese Conservation Education trust and was instrumental in fundraising efforts for the Asian Tsunami Relief fund.

Kenneth has been actively outspoken about the increase in violent crime, he has pushed strongly for a flat tax rate for all New Zealanders and has campaigned against the racialisation of lawmaking, with a policy of One Law for All. He is married to Li Ma and they have two children, both born in New Zealand. Amy and Collin.

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