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Fashion Designer Anna Sui


Fashion designer Anna Sui: The Biography. Born August 4, 1962 in Detroit Michigan. Renowned for her designer fragrances and perfume and cologne bottle designs.

When she was about four years old, Anna knew what she wanted to become in life,  "a fashion designer". During her teen years, she read an article in Life Magazine about a girl who graduated from  a  design school in New York known as Parsons and moved to Paris, where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton opened a boutique for her.

Anna recalls, As a kid, you think 'wow', I've found the magic ticket, all you have to do is get to New York and go to Parsons. About 8 Years later, when Anna went back to re-read the article, she realized the girl’s father was Irving Penn a legendary photographer.

With no job, Anna had only $300 in savings and against all odds she started a business out her apartment's living room. For years, Anna ran her company out of her apartment, doing odd-jobs for income and reinvesting her earnings into her business.

Anna Sui Designer Fragrances

The 1980's was the height of Sui's companies such as Chanel, Lacroix and Versace, Anna struggled to stand up next to the big-name fashion houses. In 1991, Sui's friends Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista got together and encouraged her to try a runway show, "catwalk shows" She rented a space in the meatpacking district and paid the models by giving them the clothes she designed.

The show was the biggest breakthrough of Anna's career.  Those gorgeous ladies, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista were at the top of their fame which helped stoke the reception Anna got from buyers and the media.

Perfume and Cologne

 Anna Sui for women is powerful and seductive. Aroma notes: Bulgarian rose, bergamot, apricot, raspberry, jasmine, rose and water lily.

Dolly Girl for women is soft, with scents of jasmine, musk, cinnamon and magnolia. 

Dolly Girl Bonjour L 'Amour for women  is great as a romantic valentines gift. Aroma notes are sweet lemon, grapefruit, musk, orange blossom, cinnamon, amber and more. 

Dolly Girl on the Beach for women  is mysterious, with notes of cassia, mandarin orange, apple, lemon, bergamot, lotus, freesia, peace, white woods, rose, amber, musk and marigold.

Magic Romance for women  is a floral fragrance with aroma notes of coconut, musk, rosewood and amber.

Secret Wish for women is a unique blend of tagette, white cedar, lemon, black currant, pineapple, musk, melon and amber 

Sui Dreams for women, a seductive fragrance. Aroma notes:  Citrus with soft flowers, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar and nutmeg.

Sui Love: For lovers. Aroma notes: Soft blend of floral's and citrus.


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